Key-signing : one-on-one & party

fingerprint slips

When you want to sign someone's key, you need a fingerprint slip : a piece of paper with Something that looks like this :
  17C4 22A4 F9CF 1476 2436 FE40 8B96 2943 FC24 3F3C
  Henk P. Penning <>

Create your fingerprint slips anyway you like ; here is one option :
your long key-id :

Key-signing : one-on-one

Before you can sign someone's key, you have to meet that person face-to-face.

What to bring to the meeting

What to do when you meet

What to do later

... and you're done.

Key-signing party ; small ; no organiser

What to bring :

What to do

Form two lines ; one person facing another ; then :

Key-signing party ; big ; use an organiser

What to bring :

What to do

Alternatively, in the party-end of the room, do one-on-one ↑ exchanges until you run out of fingerprint slips.